The West Coast Cycles Club is a volunteer organization that meets monthly to educate and share technical ideas and information about the Stock Market and Market cycles. Most of the members are investors or traders who have various styles of investing and trading looking for a better idea to better their percent wins.

We are a club of investors and traders who wish to share our knowledge and ideas, and enjoy making friends doing it.


Meeting Instructions Set In Email to Members

 The meeting will take place through the online meeting platform Zoom.
Follow the instructions to download and install the Zoom app. Then use the link to join the meeting on Tuesday at 1:00PM.
Please still send your RSVP by email. Please make your reservation with an email reply so that we can send the appropriate invitations online.

Afternoon session: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Sherman McClellan: Sherm will present his views of the market and interpretation of the major market charts.
Richard Mogey: Richard will present his perspective on stocks, bonds, commodities, and gold  
Pete Gersbacher: Pete will present his interpretation of the market's cycles
Group Discussion: Invite attendees to present their perspectives.

LOCATION: Online meeting using Zoom: details and meeting invitation link in the e-mail.